Southern California Laborers Master Labor Agreement 2020


The Southern California Laborers Master Labor Agreement 2020: What it Means for Workers

The Southern California Laborers Master Labor Agreement (MLA) is an agreement between employers and the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) that sets the terms and conditions of employment for laborers in Southern California. The MLA covers a variety of industries, including construction, landscaping, and waste management.

The most recent MLA, signed in 2020, includes several important provisions for workers. One of the most significant is a wage increase. Under the new agreement, workers will receive a 3% wage increase each year for the next five years. This is a significant boost to the wages of Southern California laborers, who have long struggled to make ends meet in a region with a high cost of living.

In addition to the wage increase, the MLA also includes provisions for increased benefits. Workers will receive improved health care coverage, including dental and vision coverage. Additionally, the MLA includes language that will help workers save for retirement, with an increase in employer contributions to retirement accounts.

Another important provision of the new MLA is its emphasis on safety. The agreement includes language that requires employers to provide a safe work environment for their employees. It also includes provisions for training and education programs that will help workers stay safe on the job.

The MLA also includes language that addresses diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The agreement includes provisions that encourage employers to hire a diverse workforce and to provide training and development opportunities for employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds.

In summary, the Southern California Laborers Master Labor Agreement 2020 is a significant agreement that will benefit laborers in Southern California in a variety of ways. With its wage increases, improved benefits, emphasis on safety, and emphasis on diversity and inclusion, the MLA represents an important step forward for workers in the region.